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Networking Club

Worklife Solutions’ Social and Business


Welcome to Worklife Solutions’ social and business networking club! Sign up is free and there are no subscription fees!

How does this club operate?

Since there is no registration or subscription fees, all sign up are absolutely free! The purpose of this networking club is to meet more people from all walks of life for both social and business purposes. Regardless whether you are single, married or attached, you are most welcome to join us. Age, sex and occupation are absolutely not a barrier! Whether you just want to expand your circle of friends, meet someone for business networking or seek that someone special, this is the place for you!

What type of activities will we be organizing?

There is a huge range of activities we will be organizing for our members. Activities can include wine & dine, sport & games, movies, trekking, beach events or group outings to places of interest. We will be organizing an activity around once every two months and all events will be posted on this page. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Do you need to pay anything?

You simply pay a minimal fee for each activity (that you sign up) just to cover our administrative costs. Do note that Worklife Solutions will not be making any profit out of the activities…let’s just say that we are doing this to say a big “thank you” to all our clients. In addition, this is another way we can contribute back to the society!

Will you receive any unsolicited mails from us?

Absolutely not! All information will be kept strictly confidential and at any point in time, no member’s information will be divulged to third parties. All communications with our members will be via email to keep you updated of our upcoming activities. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, just drop us an email to inform us.