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HR Consultancy Services

Provision of HR Consultancy & Services

Provision of HR Consultancy & Services

a) Benefits and Compensation

  • Maintain payroll file for each employee
  • Formalization of salary structure and packages
  • Manpower costing and budgeting
  • Implementation of tailored compensation package
  • Process monthly payroll and CPF contribution
  • Provide printed or electronic pay advice (via internet)

b) Implementation of Company Policies and SOP

  • Formulation of Company policies
  • Visualization of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Formalization of Employee Handbook and Employment Contract

c) Manpower / Talent Management

  • Local / Overseas Recruitment
  • Foreign talent search

d) Annual Exercise

  • Appraisal Exercise
  • IR8A submission
  • Project annual leave cost computation
  • Wage adjustment, bonuses and promotion matters

e) Others

  • Employment Pass / Work Permit application MOM survey
  • Provide advice for Labour Union issues
  • Tailor welfare and benefits programme
  • Implement flexible benefits scheme
  • Leave administration
  • Staff grievances and counseling
  • Application of Grants
  • Ad Hoc Projects


Sample Quotation: Services Required and Charges

Initial Setup:

1) Contracts Formulation
– Local / Foreign Contract $XXXX
– Perm / Temp

2) Handbook Formalization $XXXX

3) Implementation of Company Policies $XXXX

4) Payroll Setting up Database $XXXX

Subsequent services:

5) Subsequent monthly payroll process $XXXX (1-100 pax)
$XXXX (max 200 pax)
$XXXX (no limit)

(Charges will be different for monthly versus bi-monthly payroll)

6) Work Permit application/renewal/ $XXXX
Cancellation (Full Process)

7) Recruitment Package

Local: Includes $XXXX

  • Advertisement
  • Interview process
  • Staff Orientation

Overseas: Includes $XXXX

  • Staff Orientation
  • Dormitory/Accommodation
  • Repatriation
  • Permit application

8) HR consultancy $XXXX


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