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Total Employee Wellness!
Wish to conduct in-house wellness programmes for your employees? Be it a lunch-time workshop, half-day or full day programme, we offer tailored programmes at great value!
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Advantage! Grant
Wish to find out more on how to receive up to $400,000 per organization from the Government just by hiring and retaining mature workers?
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Wow Fund
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Worklife Solutions have officially launched our Social & Networking Club!
All registrations are free and there are no subscription fees! If you wish to be part of growing list of members for both leisure and business networking purposes,

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Making Singapore a great workplace!

Established since 2006, Worklife Solutions is one of Singapore’s leading HR consultancy firms that specialize in work-life programmes, workplace redesign and wellness training. Our services extend to a large assortment of organizations, regardless of their size and industry. Our clientele includes organizations from the Government sector, Government linked agencies, Multinational companies (MNCs), and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Together with our partners, the scope of work conducted for our clients include but not limited to the following areas:

  • Work-life Consultation
  • Pro-family Business Consultation
  • Workplace Health Consultation and Programmes
  • Job Redesign / Business Process Reengineering Consultation
  • Human Resource Consultancy: Formulation and Review of Human Resource Polices and Benefits
  • Salary Consultation & Payroll Services
  • Government Grants & Business Loans
  • Local and Overseas Recruitment Services
  • Individual Coaching & Therapy Sessions
  • Information Technology Consultation
  • Employees’ Opinion Survey
  • Wellness Activities and Lunch-time Talks
  • Management Training

To provide a holistic range of services to our clients, we have partnered with several agencies, consultants and trainers to synergize our efforts and to create value added services. Over time, our pricing and professionalism have firmly endeared ourselves to our clients. Established with an efficient, highly professional and dedicated team of consultants, Worklife Solutions have and will always be its client’s true partner in the 21st Century.

Shaped by our mantra of “Client’s needs are our first priority”, we are committed to serve our customers to propel business operations towards their intended directions and visions.

To make Singapore a better place to work in and create a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Our core values and practices are shaped by the following acronym called “SAVE”:

S – Satisfaction guaranteed for all our clients
A – Affordable prices
V – Value-added services
E – Efficient team to address your needs